Here we’re all different, yet equals. No, not America. I’m talking about Overwatch, of course. Pop culture for all its intellectual shortcomings can sometimes be an intellectual feat. Look at the simplicity of the iPhone for instance. Apple designed with capturing the largest group of human beings possible. Easy is not easy to build.

Blizzard has built Overwatch with a pop culture design philosophy. One that stats with being easy to get into, luring you with the game’s cartoon aesthetic promising a good time.

The cliche regarding the game is that there’s something here for everyone. And this is true. It’s brought together causal players, the hardcore, League of Legends pros, Startcrafters, and the COD crowd. Most games do not have the scope and marketing budget to create such a diverse community.

Overwatch pulls in all these different types of people through diversity, in the great melting pot type of way. Players find representation in the characters, the varied gameplay mechanics of those characters, the accessible art style and lore,  and most importantly the balance. Even the hardcore-ness I’ve discussed before isn’t an absolute because Overwatch can always be something generally enjoyable across a large skill range. This is a game the strives on making every play type truly fun. Blizzard has even figured out how to make support immensely fun. Shout out to all the Mercy’s out there. You are loved.

Fun by definition is a enjoyable, lighthearted pleasure. And not all good games fit that description. Dark Souls is not fun. There is pleasure, but it is not lighthearted and a lot of the times it is not enjoyable. For games, Dark Souls’ approach is almost James Joycian.

Overwatch eschews that direction and reduces alienation to its greatest possible minimum. It welcomes all kinds and encourages you to stay.

Overwatch does not build walls.


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