Hi reader,

Maybe you’re one of the few that occasionally check in to see if we have anything new up, or maybe this is your first time here, stumbling upon Dialog Wheel through enlightening search terms like “side boob,” “is the fruitvale guy oscar grant a hero,” or “the last of us left behind porn.”

No matter your connection to us, I want to formally apologize for the faltering in content the last month or two.

Running a site like this out of the love for writing, and expanding the discussion around video games and other media can be a difficult thing when you have other aspirations and have to like have a “real job.”

My excuse is spending the last few months focusing on failing at game design (GameMaker, specifically). Jenna all the while has been designing kick ass costumes and fighting evil. The point is that it’s hard to maintain momentum and even harder when life gets in the way. That said, we’d like to get back to form and maybe even go a little beyond in terms of posting regularity.

Part of the reasoning behind making this post, besides being a public promise that my obligation to the superego will make me keep, is to communicate and hopefully involve you, the reader, in the ever evolving direction of the site. Part of shaping this new direction will require some experimenting.

Mainly, switching to a more blogger style composition. What this means is that instead of spending the 6-10+ hours on posts we will scale down to a 2 hour maximum composition time. The longer form stuff will still be written on rare occasion and reviews will still be given the necessary love.

The hope is that we will be able to pump out pieces that are more concise, digestible, and frequently published than our current model of “as long as it takes.”

There are drawbacks, of course, and that’s why I’m here talking to you. Our arguments may suffer as a result and ideas not taken as far as they could be. We’d like to think of these posts, then, more as starting points of conversations than comprehensives dialogues. Of course, if a subject warrants extra attention we will approach it with whatever form is best suited for the object of study. Moreover, this experiment might fail, but we think it’s worth a shot.

We will, however, continue to put in the work, make the best arguments we can, and provide you with the thoughtful consideration of video games that DW was founded on.

If you have any serious suggestions or requests about the type of content you’d like to see from us, please let us know in the comments or email us at dialogwheel@gmail.com




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