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Be Weird: Swiss Army Man Film Review

Swiss Army Man is a film for the very people that would hate it—for those that would walk out of the theater and demand a refund when Daniel Radcliffe’s (Harry […]

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Inside Your Head: Playdead’s INSIDE Review (No Spoilers)

AAA Atmosphere It’s been a few days since I’ve completed Playdead’s “INSIDE” and I still find it difficult not to aggressively sell the game like I’m getting paid commission. “INSIDE”, […]

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A Quick Defense of Pixel Art in Games

  Pixel art in games is simultaneously fetishized over for the nostalgia inducing powers and treated with disdain for not adhering to modern “graphical” standards. Graphics and art style are certainly […]

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Can Modern Video Games Be Timeless?: On Reboots and Remakes

Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds are all timeless works: no matter how much time passes they remain thoroughly enjoyable. In games, we have Pong and […]

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Lessons in Failure and Strangeness: Hitman Absolution Finds Redemption

Hitman Absolution by Metacritic was an utter failure (read: anything less than an 80 and doesn’t fit into the series in a way that is familiar to diehard fans). I’m not […]

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Can Gameplay Create Meaning?

Breaking Bad is often championed more for its original and affective cinematography than its storytelling. But the the moving photography and script go hand-in-hand, form and content. Cinematography, in any visual […]