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Best Belated Games of the Year #9 (2016): Superhot

I’m really tempted to just write SUPER—HOT—SUPER—HOT—SUPER—HOT for 300 words, but I’ll spare you the lame reference to the titular title at #9. Superhot matters because its designers saw a novel […]

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Best Belated Games of the Year #10 (2016): Darks Souls 3

I put around 60 hours into Dark Souls 3 and somehow the experience has unfurled into a single continuous feeling rather than highly memorable moments. DS3 didn’t ooze with the style and […]

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Best Belated Games of the Year (2016): Foreword

Okay, I’m late, but, hey, every year we argue that these “best of the year” lists are arbitrary, so what does it matter anyway. But then again, I suppose these […]

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Sensory Limbo: Thumper Review

Thumper is the kind of game that exudes hypnotic energy so strongly that it persuades you to pontificate on its behalf. Thumper has me looking up synonyms for violence. Thumper will […]

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Good and Evil: Pokémon Go Review

Pokémon Go arrives at a time of social turmoil, steamrolling a gridlocked national discourse on race, police brutality, and politics with a timing that conspirators’ dreams are made of. It’s […]

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Be Weird: Swiss Army Man Film Review

Swiss Army Man is a film for the very people that would hate it—for those that would walk out of the theater and demand a refund when Daniel Radcliffe’s (Harry […]